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Hey everyone! This is our Event Prenotification Form. Prenotification is basically your way of letting us know that you'll be at the next event, which helps us stay organized ahead of time so we can prepare your character card, NPC shift, and more. Prenotification is a pretty simple, straightforward thing - you simply let us know you're coming to the event by marking yourself as "Attending" our Facebook events! By doing this, you get even more bonuses! Here are the rules regarding prenotification and what you get for doing so--


- For Prenotifying, one of your characters will get +1 Additional [Non-Extraordinary] Power Use (of choice) for the weekend (chosen for the event at the time of check-in), and +4 Hit Points.

- You must prenotify for an event at least 1 week before the event. If you don't, you will not be eligible for any prenotification bonuses for that event.

- You can only Prenotify for one event at a time. Please only submit your Prenotification for the upcoming event only.

- In regards to preferred NPC shifts, please note that your preference may not always be able to be accommodated

 - Remember to also Preregister by purchasing the event ahead of time from our online store! You get additional bonuses and a Food Service credit for doing so! 


Thanks and looking forward to seeing you at the event!

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Chris Goley - Logistics, Rules (Assistant), Kitchen Manager - x24

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