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Hey everyone! This is our Level Up Contact Form. Unlike most other games you have encountered, our Logistics team solely relies on the use of this form to update character cards for players. Whenever a character is eligible for a Level Up by attending an event and / or that character has learned new in-game abilities with AP, this form should be used to notify the Logistics Team so that your character card can be updated accordingly. 


When filling out this form, please make sure to be as explicitly specific as possible. Include every ability name, rank, what class the skill or power was purchased from, etc.


Thanks and happy learning!



*Required information.
Full Player Name: *
E-Mail Address: *
Forum Username:
Character Name: *
How many levels did you earn this event? From what sources?
Event attended (Month, Year): *
Chosen Class(es) [and how many levels] for Level Up: *
Are you banking any levels?
Did your character contract any disease, get piked/surgery/software installed, or receive attribute damage? *
If yes, please elaborate (what kind, rank, etc):
Are you eligible for a new Achievement? *
If yes, list the name:
Did you help with cleanup? If yes, +75 Favor and +1 AP *

Use Our Forums!

Looking for more of an interactive response to your message? It might be best to just send us a private message on our forums! You can simply click on our Forums link or look under our Community page for our forums, sign up and log in, and send a message to one of our department heads:


Aaron Cervasio - Plot, Rules, Webmaster - Darthn00bius

Chris Goley - Logistics, Rules (Assistant), Kitchen Manager - x24

Chelsea Russell Props - Thugrietta

Rules and Logistics

The Wiki can answer all of your questions regarding the Rules and Logistics of Oblivion. Check it out here.


Plot and Lore

Looking for Plot and Lore information on the in-game world? We have it up. Feel free to check it out here.



Our Forums are a place for our players and staff to interact with each other, both out-of-game and in-game. Check them out here.