Our community and what we want to represent and espouse is second to none. Our principles guide us in everything, from the ground up. Together, we've forged an unshakable set of promises and values that shape our culture and paint who we are as a community. Please read on, see who we are, and we hope that you'll want to join us in this incredible adventure!



Oblivion LARP is a live action role playing game owned and operated by The JMAC Project, LLP. The game is a blend of genres: cyberpunk, science fiction, and superhero. The leaders of Oblivion LARP and the J-MAC Project, as a community and individually, hope to exemplify a Core Ideology that is reflected throughout the business, game, staff, and player base.


Our core purpose is to provide the gaming industry with exceptionally excellent quality products that provide a creative outlet and accepting, fun environment for all who participate, resulting in the enrichment of life for our valued staff, partners, and players. We value hard work and loyalty. We realize that sacrifices must be made in order to achieve goals. We believe in the power of karma and kindness.


We lead by example. We foster an environment of creativity, inclusivity, and work-life balance. We discourage negativity. We are respectful and supportive of each other. We value trust and communication. We are honest and value integrity. We value taking initiative and making continuous and earnest efforts to be the best possible versions of ourselves. And we believe in rewarding those who exemplify our beliefs.


And above all, we have a set of promises that we will abide by.

  • We promise to provide an accepting, safe, comfortable, fun, and creative environment for everyone in the community
  • We promise to respect and embrace diversity
  • We promise to be fair and support equality
  • We promise to follow the golden rule and to be excellent to one another
  • We promise to quickly, fairly, and firmly deal with anyone who breaks the sanctity of our purpose, values, culture, and / or promises



Please see our rules wiki for more information regarding our code of conduct and consequences for violating it:

Rules and Logistics

The Wiki can answer all of your questions regarding the Rules and Logistics of Oblivion. Check it out here.


Plot and Lore

Looking for Plot and Lore information on the in-game world? We have it up. Feel free to check it out here.



Our Forums are a place for our players and staff to interact with each other, both out-of-game and in-game. Check them out here.