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Whether new to LARPing or an experienced LARPer, Oblivion is the place for you. Oblivion is a LARP where all people are welcomed and supported. Even though we LARP in south New Jersey (NJ), we have folks who come from many other states as well. Whether you are from southern, central, or northern New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), or any other state, know that we will welcome you warmly. Our LARP staff is friendly and dedicated to providing our players with the absolute best possible gaming experience. Please Contact Us with any questions!


If you're on this page, you may already know a bit about what Oblivion is. If not, don't worry, we'll be happy to explain everything to you as best as we can. The real quick rundown of everything is this:

  • Oblivion is a Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP) owned, staffed, and run by The JMAC Project, LLP. It is a blend of genres: cyberpunk, science fiction, and superhero
  • The best thing for you to do in order to get the scoop on what the game is all about is to check out our Rules and Logistics and our Plot wikis, which are linked in our main menu. These sections will pretty much will explain everything you could want to know about the game in extraordinary detail.
  • If you have any questions or are still having a hard time finding something, feel free to Contact Us via the link in the super top menu above, on the left
  • You can also sign up for our website and log in, which will give you access to our Forums so you can post questions or comments there as well
  • Don't forget to join us on Facebook to meet our wonderful, welcoming community by chatting on our Oblivion RecRoom Group!

Hope that helps and looking forward to having you try out the game!

So You Can Find Us Online More Easily...

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Oblivion is a LARP that blends Science Fiction (Scifi), Cyberpunk, and Superhero elements to create a unique LARPing experience.  Fall in line with the MegaCorporations, pursue semi-autonomy with a Free Agency in LAG, or try to live off the grid entirely—the choice is up to you!


What we are: A Live Action Role Playing Game, more commonly referred to as a LARP

Game Genres: Cyberpunk, Science Fiction / Scifi, Superhero

Game Setting: Earth about 200 years in the future, where MegaCorporations run the world. Alongside your average human, meet space-faring aliens, sentient robots, genetic experiments, technologically-altered lifeforms, trans-dimensional beings, and more!

Where we play: New Jersey (NJ), specifically southern NJ

Who commonly attends the game: We cater to anyone interested in LARP, veteran roleplayers and newbies alike, from the general New Jersey (NJ) area, though we have players coming to us from as varied locations as Pennsylvania (PA), Connecticut (CT), New York (NY), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), and Washington D.C. (DC).


Oblivion is run by a creative and dedicated team second to none. We have an ever-expanding rules' system that offers a simple, nostalgic and familiar, yet unique and versatile outlook on traditional tabletop and LARP gaming.  We encourage you to explore our website, join our forums and community, and ask us questions. LARPing is a great experience, as are all forms of role playing, and we want to share our community with as many people as possible!

Rules and Logistics

The Wiki can answer all of your questions regarding the Rules and Logistics of Oblivion. Check it out here.


Plot and Lore

Looking for Plot and Lore information on the in-game world? We have it up. Feel free to check it out here.



Our Forums are a place for our players and staff to interact with each other, both out-of-game and in-game. Check them out here.